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Entry #1


2014-03-30 11:56:40 by often

******* ******** ********** ******** **** ** **/////** /**///// /////**/// /**///// /**/** /** ** //**/** /** /** /**//** /** /** /**/******* /** /******* /** //** /** /** /**/**//// /** /**//// /** //**/** //** ** /** /** /** /** //**** //******* /** /** /********/** //*** /////// // // //////// // ///


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2014-03-30 12:22:49

no u

often responds:



2014-04-01 09:53:58

April Fool? I should've realized it wasn't Morse code, from the first 2 dozen *****'s

often responds:

I tried making some big text thing, but it didn't work so I was like ahhh fuck it :E


2014-04-01 13:43:20

The blog editor is kinda lame; no spellcheck, no copy/paste thing that works. Still, it's not a bad site considering there's only 3 or so full time employees. But for the life of me, why did I buy 2 rolls of TP from NG?!

often responds:

At some point you will run out of TP and then the deliver man will just be there and you will feel amazing


2014-04-01 22:33:41

Hope I don't run out of TP! I've read about the effect (no TP) has on people (Cuba, a few EU countries), and it's not nice :|

I find the whole 'food shopping from home' deal a little disturbing.... it's a pain in the ass to forage, but it makes us human. Food delivery services seem too much like waiting for someone, to bring food to your cage...

often responds:

I wouldn't mind coming home after work opening the ref, and having it full of food and tp. ^_?


2014-04-03 02:30:45

Not a bad idea! Good for flammable diarrhea... but seriously good for interior insulation. Every time you open the door, air goes out, but the solids hold the cold longer. It's good to leave gaps for the cold air to circulate. Eh, I live alone since my Pop died over year ago, not too much need for a full sized frig anyway...


2014-04-04 20:43:25

You color on a computer? So far it looks good, although shamelessly sexual... do you draw these for your BF?

often responds:

I thought it would be the easiest way to learn to practice drawing the human body; the sexuality just comes from the back of my head. Can't stop won't stop X: